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southernHacks 2020

February 28 - February 29

Our Mission


We are hoping to spread our love for exploration and learning with you. Our goal is to provide the resources any budding creator needs to let their love for technology flourish. By competing in a challenge, going to workshops, and listening to more seasoned creators, we can help you expand your journey of exploring technology.


By accomplishing the act of creating something, you will be emboldened to keep going! After you create and compete, whether you win or lose, you are now leveled up. We welcome beginners who are learning the ins and outs of for-loops and if statements as well as seasoned creators who have been to many hackathons in the past. Everyone can bring something to a team and to this experience.


After reflecting upon the hackathon experience, we want you to go on to KEEP creating. SouthernHacks is simply one step in becoming a better thinker, learner, explorer, and creator. We challenge YOU to elevate yourself to the next level.

The Schedule

We will be constantly updating our schedule's time slots - download the latest version!


Interested in attending our hackathon? We'd love to have you! Fill out our Google Form to be put on the list.

We are taking applications on an RSVP basis, please make sure you are able to attend before you sign up.

Please wait 5 business days to receive an email from our Hacker Coordinator to confirm your attendance.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Want to become a sponsor of Georgia Southern's first hackathon? Download our Sponsor Prospectus and shoot us an email at

Want to contact us?

SouthernHacks Board

Shelby Cuaron
Maria Vilar
Bella Obidike
Ariel Badie
Ray Wright
This should be LJ

For any questions or concerns, email us at


Who can attend?
Any student who is 18 or older and enrolled in a college or university is able to attend. If you are a Georgia Southern student and under the age of 18 you will be able to attend as well. Anyone is able to mentor or volunteer.
Any experience required?
No experience required ar all!
How much does it cost?
How do I get there?
Unfortunately we will not be providing transportation. So all attendees are responsible for providing their own rides.
Travel Reimbursements?
TBA (Not happening unless a miraculous donation is made)
Do I need a team?
You only have to join a team if you are competing. Minumum of 2, Maximum of 5.
How do I join a team?
If you are coming to the event with a team already formed you may indicate so during registration. If you are looking to join a team or looking for members for your team please feel free to chat in the Team Finder GroupMe.
What should I bring?
You should bring: Laptop w/ charger, Phone w/ charger, Toiletries you may need, there will be no showers available. Please do not forget any medications you take daily or may need for this event. A sleeping bag and pillow are recommended as there are no sleeping accommodations.
What are the rules?
No past projects are allowed for submission, please adhere to the spirit of Hackathons and only submit projects that you begin during this event. So everyone can have a nice fun experience we ask that you are nice to everyone and come to learn and enjoy a free, exciting hackathon experience.
Where is parking?
Parking for the event will be in the Lot behind the Information Technology Building Lot 42. Free parking all weekend.
How can I confirm that my registration was received?
There will have been a confirmation email sent to you within 5 business days of your registration.
When is the deadline to register?
The deadline to register for SouthernHacks is February 10, 2020 at 11:59PM
This is my first hackathon and I'm not sure what to do?
There will be mentors available to help you throughout your time here as well as workshops to help you develop and learn new skills and knowledge. You have to start somewhere so why not SouthernHacks!